Richmond Station, Station Yard
Richmond, North Yorkshire
01748 823062

The cinema box office opens 15 minutes before the first showing each day.
Tickets from Monday 19th July be with a reduced social distancing measurement in place of 1 seat between bookings.

Cliff Richard: The Great 80 Tour (Live & Encore screenings)


This October Cliff Richard invites you all to be part of the most fabulous big screen party of the year! The Great 80 Tour will be broadcast LIVE from the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 27 October… More Info

Wednesday 27 Oct:

Saturday 30 Oct:

Bolshoi Ballet: Spartacus


In ancient Rome, Spartacus, a Thracian soldier, is captured by Crassus with his wife Phrygia. Forced to fight as a gladiator and kill one of his friends, Spartacus plots an unprecedented… More Info

Sunday 7 Nov:

Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker (Recorded)


On Christmas Eve, Marie’s wooden nutcracker doll transforms into a beautiful prince who takes her on a magical journey. Before they leave, they must confront the Mouse King whose army is threatening… More Info

Sunday 19 Dec:

Bolshoi Ballet: Jewels


This opulent triptych was inspired by Balanchine’s visit to the famous jeweller Van Cleef & Arpels on New York’s Fifth Avenue. It celebrates the cities and dance schools of Paris, New York and St… More Info

Sunday 23 Jan:

Bolshoi Ballet: Swan Lake (Recorded)


At moonlight on the banks of a mysterious lake, Prince Siegfried meets the bewitched swanwoman Odette. Completely spellbound by her beauty, he swears his faithfulness to her. However, the Prince… More Info

Sunday 6 Mar:

Bolshoi Ballet: The Pharaoh's Daughter - Live Via Satellite


While travelling in Egypt, Lord Wilson is caught in a sandstorm and finds refuge in the nearest pyramid where Aspicia, the daughter of one of Egypt's most powerful pharaohs, lies entombed. When he… More Info

Sunday 1 May:

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